The Power of Right


Do you always do the right thing? Grayson tries to, but he has a problem: he has to do his homework before he can play even though he wants to play pirates in the barn before it rains.

Frisky, the family cat, tells Grayson to sneak away to the barn and have fun. Frisky tells him that no one will know, and he’ll be back before it rains. But Patches the dog warns Grayson not to go, reminding him to “just do the right thing.” Grayson decided to listen to Frisky and goes to the barn-and soon he and Frisky and Patches get caught in a terrible rainstorm. There are thunder and lightning. But even worse, he hears his father calling him. What will he do?

In this children’s book, one little boy makes a few bad choices and quickly learns there are consequences when he doesn’t “just do the right thing.”

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