The Power of Right

How It Works

Ask yourself this simple, but honest question:  Would your life and business be better if you “just did the right thing” and “just made the right decisions” in every area of your life?  If your answer to this question is “YES,” you should read further and explore “The Power of Right.”


The Power of Right

There are few things on earth that are universal, and “RIGHT” is one of them.  In every business, family, society or culture on earth, there is an established “code of right.”  A set of morals, values, and beliefs that the people have agreed to and follow as their version of “RIGHT.”  THE POWER OF RIGHT is a technique that will teach you and your people how to “start at right” in all your decision making.  Learning how to start your decision making at the place you know to be “RIGHT,” makes all your decisions consistent and easier to make.  You have a much greater chance of finishing the right way if you learn to consistently start the right way.

The Power of a Question

A question makes you stop and think.  When you stop and think for just a moment, you have a better chance of making the right decision.  By using a question que, you give yourself that split second to RESPOND intelligibly instead of REACT instinctively to situations in your life. The “Power of Right” program consists of 10 commonly accepted life principles delivered in an easy to use question / answer format.  By harnessing the “power of a question,” you will forever change the way you make decisions.


One Word Will Change Your Life

Just?  Do the Right Thing.  Wouldn’t your life be better if you “Just?”  Did the right thing in every situation you encountered?  The “Power of Right” will teach you how to use the one word que “Just?” To trigger all the things you know as “right” in your life. People want easy, and people want effective.  One word, “Just?” will give them just that.


Change The Way You Talk To Youself

Your life is dictated by the voice in your head.  “The Power of Right” technique will teach you a new, easy way to control that voice.  What you think about, you will speak about. What you speak about, you will bring about. The 10 principles of “The Power of Right” will become the new voice you and all your people listen to.  Change your life today by “changing the way you talk to yourself.”


Plant the Seeds of Right Thinking

When you teach you and your people to “think right,” you won’t have to tell them to “do right.”  By learning the 10 principles of “The Power of Right,” you and your people will be ready when “life happens.”  When a client is unhappy, when a co-worker needs coaching or when your child is misbehaving, you need to INSTANTLY know how to “start at right.”  The Power of Right will give you the tools “to do the right thing” in every situation you encounter. Learn 10 commonly accepted life principles, delivered in an easy to use question/answer format, that will equip you and your people to instantly “start at right” in any situation you may encounter.

About Brian Faught

CEO and Founder, Just Do the Right Thing

Creator of “The Power of Right”

Brian Faught creator and founder of “Just Do the Right Thing” has been a motivational speaker and trainer for over 20 years.  “The Power of Right” is a comprehensive Character Development and Behavior Management program that is currently being used in schools and business’ all over America.  Working with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Dish Network and DIRECTV, Brian has created a program that gives professionals, students and people seeking a better life, a reliable tool to achieve their version of “success in the moment.”

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