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“The Power of Right” is about teaching the engaged leader how to draw on the training and knowledge that already exists in their people.  Learn how to harness the “right” that drives people to perform at their maximum potential.

Culture of RIGHT

Research proves that “personal improvement” is high on the priority list of talented employees.  A culture built around “The Power of Right” gives your teammates a vehicle for self-improvement, and teaches you, the engaged leader to empower your teammates then get out of their way.  A “right focused” organization will reap the rewards and recognition of always “doing the right thing.”


Personal Coaching

Friend, parent, spouse or co-worker, “The Power of Right” will transform the way you communicate with ALL people.  Through an extensive interview process, Brian will isolate your areas of need and growth, and teach you how to “start at right” in developing those area’s in your life.

Interpersonal Skills

One of Brian’s greatest strengths is connecting with people.  Helping leaders with their interpersonal skills is the cornerstone of his “Leadership Coaching” program.  Following the principle of hiring smart people, giving them clear direction and support, and helping them accomplish their own PERSONAL GOALS is the foundation of “The Power of Right Leadership Training.”  When you help other people get what they want, YOU will get what you want.

The first step in developing good communication skills is to understand the importance of “other centeredness.”  And putting other people first often starts with good listening skills. Listening to understand instead of listening to respond is the first step to true communication breakthroughs.  Brian’s favorite approach to personal relationships is “find out what they love, and give it to them.” When you help the important people in your life get the things they love (within reason, of course), you open a whole new dimension of “oneness” with those closest to you.  

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